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Bodywork College

Student Support 

Through many of the courses, students will have several opportunities to "network" with current practitioners in various ways: site visits, guest presenters, mentoring opportunities, externship experiences, etc. These contacts will help students pursue career possibilities even before they graduate. Graduates inform the school about business opportunities that interest them, and the school tells them about business opportunities in their area of interest.


Our Alumni receive periodic mailings from Student Services. UCHA is often advised of job opportunities within and outside the community. The openings are posted online for those who have graduated from UCHA only.

One of the Student Services Director's primary functions is to be available as the contact person for job opportunities and advise the students and graduates accordingly. While completing the UCHA program does not guarantee job placement, the College and its faculty will maintain a community presence and comprise a list of positions and employers for its graduates. It's interesting that many UCHA learners who participate in the community/externship program maintain that position after graduation.


This is a unique opportunity where the student can develop a site in their community to provide massage therapy. Many students have created such opportunities at spas, chiropractic offices, hospitals, medical doctor offices, nursing homes, and massage therapy clinics.

Placement Assistance

Continuing Education

UCHA offers Continuing Education Units for alumni. These workshop units are not part of the ABHES-accredited curriculum. Programs are provided at intervals, and alumni are kept informed through mailings and postings at Additional information and photos can be found on the Universal College of Healing Arts Facebook page and

While topics vary, most fall into these categories:

  • Bodywork Techniques (Myofascial Release, Cranial-Sacral, Sports Massage, Comfort Touch, Tui Na Massage, Clinical Massage, Fascial Alignment)

  • Massage Support workshops that enhance massage treatments ( Herbology, Nutrition, Cupping & Gua Sha)

  • Special Populations (Children, Cancer, Athletes, and Ethics Professionalism, Pregnancy, Infant, Athletes, and Ethics Professionalism)

Class Auditing

We welcome the graduate who is preparing to take the MBLEx or desires to review a given subject. UCHA offers the graduate the opportunity to return to the classroom and audit classes previously taken at no cost.

It is the college's goal to successfully help its students meet their desired destination in massage therapy.


Our library has a vast resource of valuable information, and the learner is encouraged to take advantage of this resource and is open during regular business hours.

Students can:

  • Borrow DVDs, CDs, textbooks for their classes, or books for research or leisure reading.

  • Read magazines, journals, and newspapers.

  • Borrow Laptops and VR equipment.


The library provides access to reliable information for research and other valuable resources such as magazines, journals, newspapers, and trade publications.

Technology Help Desk

The Student Technology Help Desk supports all UCHA students in accessing and successfully using UCHA's technology. The STHD is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly Educational Technologists to provide peer guidance to all students. The STHD is available to support students via phone, email, and in person.


All assistance provided is free for enrolled students.

Phone: 402-556-4456 ext. 5.

Support and Advising

Support Services provides support and auditing to the UCHA learner. Student Services offer a list of tutors for students having academic challenges. Students may hire these tutors anytime at their own expense. The Student Support Service Director is available to answer questions and assist the student learner with these resources. Student Services is also responsible for coordinating placement services.

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