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Our Programs

As our healthcare system experiences extensive scientific and philosophical evolution, patients are increasingly seeking out natural, evidence-based solutions and preventive services. The increased demand for evidence-driven holistic healing is transforming the healthcare industry. 

Massage Therapy

UCHA is uniquely positioned to help prepare students for licensure as Massage Therapists improving employment opportunities within the community of holistic healing. Our experienced faculty strives to inspire within students a deep and lasting respect for the integrity of the human body, mind, and spirit. Our 12-month program is 1000 Hours, and 44 credits which 600 Hours are onsite and, 400 are online making this program hybrid.​

Next Program Starts Aug 2023

Hellerwork SI

If you are interested in the art of structural integration, bodywork, thematic dialogue, and movement education, the Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner Training Program is for you. Originally based on Dr. Ida Ralph's important work, Hellerwork expands her work to include the study of somatic psychology, interpersonal communication skills, and body awareness.  This 1025-Hour program has 44 credits, of which 630 are on-site, and 395 online making this program Hybrid.

Associate Degree

You have the option to continue with Semesters 4 and 5 for the Associate of Applied Science Degree.
The Associate Degree would take an additional 2 Semesters, which would be a further eight
months. This additional coursework would be 495 clock hours. These hours are offered entirely

Informational Videos

Here you can find more in-depth information on our programs.

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