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Bodywork College

Our Philosophy

The key aspects or objectives that make the College distinct:

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Key Aspects

Provide a small, nurturing learning environment. Through small classes, students reap the benefits of mentoring or apprenticeship-style learning.

Employ experienced and professional instructors. Students receive a strong foundation or begin their careers.

Include the rich educational resources in the community. A community-based education approach includes introducing students to expert guest instructors and, visiting various settings, incorporating Bodywork Therapies.

Practice progressive teaching methods which respect the different learning styles of adult students. The school employs professional educators with the expertise to meet the various needs of students.

Promote high ethical standards and professional conduct required of a health care profession.

Emphasize the importance of community service. The school is dedicated to community education and promoting the professional standing of Massage Therapy and Hellerwork Structural Integration as a health care modality that collaborates with other professionals. Apply all profits to continuously improve the program as conceptualized when the school began as a non-profit corporation.

Emphasize the importance of transformational learning and personal wellness.

Deconstruct teacher authority and have students become the authority of their knowledge.

Provide alternative instructional delivery systems using blended options.

Provide respectful and welcoming individualized programs allowing Bodywork professionals to relocate from other states to meet Nebraska's licensure requirements.

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