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Bodywork College

Our Values

About Our Values

You may feel at home at UCHA if you believe in the following core values and agree with the below statements.


The College maintains an open mind toward exploring all modalities and methods which further healing. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness. We possess an open mind toward exploring all dimensions of life and the healing arts (i.e., the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual). We have an openness to progressive teaching methods, meditation, and new experiences.

Focused Justice, Balance & Respect

The College provides an atmosphere that welcomes a diversity of cultures and backgrounds. UCHA works to restore a balance of wellness within our communities, our world, and ourselves. We recognize the need to restore a decent place in society for all people. We can create a welcoming environment (through our attitudes and actions) for people of all races, nationalities, sexes, religions, and sexual orientations. Our beliefs affirm the self-respect, dignity, and self-esteem of all people


The College provides an environment where students, faculty, and staff build understanding and supportive relationships.


The College is a community of adults responsible for the community and responsible for their own goals and actions. Since each individual knows best how they need to learn, that individual is accountable for learning and communicating their needs, desires, and questions. We will each actively share with others toward creating a healthy learning environment. We will communicate directly and honestly with one another.

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