Create A Career That Becomes A Lifestyle

Are you ready to change your life?
Imagine a career that allows you to profoundly help people experience less pain, tension, and stress in their bodies and their life.
A career offering you the freedom to choose when and where you want to work.
A career built around your values allows you the time and income to pursue your passions.
A career where the people you work with become your biggest supporters and champions.
A career where you are continually learning and growing as a person and a practitioner.

The Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner Training Program at UCHA is formatted as an 18-month training program and is presented in Five 15-day onsite classroom intensive. In between classrooms, intensives are Four 3-month online classroom E-learning learning segments. The program is made up of a 1025 clock hour hybrid curriculum.

Training Format

The training program is presented in Five 15-day onsite classroom intensives.
In between classrooms, intensives are Four 3-month online classroom distance learning segments.

Curriculum Course Objectives and Course Descriptions
The curriculum of the Hellerwork Practitioner Training Program is divided into the following seven  fields of study:

• Structural Integration Bodywork and Functional Assessment
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Movement Education
• Somatic Psychology
• Pathology
• Business and Marketing
• Professional Ethics

CoursesThe following courses are given during the Hellerwork Practitioner Training Program. All courses must be completed successfully to obtain certification as a Hellerwork Practitioner.


  • Principles of Structural Bodywork

  • Techniques of Structural Bodywork

  • Hellerwork Practicum​

Somatic Psychology

  •  Introduction to Psychological Inquiry

  • Movement and Psychology

  • Fundamentals of Dialogue

  • Intra/Interpersonal Communications​


  • Introduction to Body Systems

  • Structural and Functional Assessment

  • Myofascial Anatomy

  • Applied Human Anatomy/Physiology

  • Gross Anatomy Lab (if available)


  •  Introduction to Marketing

  • Practice Development I

  • Practice Development II

  • Business Standards and Practices​


  • Human Evolution and Gravity

  • Introduction to Hellerwork Movement

  • Body Awareness and Movement Lab

  •  Movement Practicum

  • Communicating Movement Lessons

  • Ergonomics