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What is Hellerwork?

Hellerwork Structural Integration is an approach that incorporates three aspects to address pain in the body and release tension and stress. Deep tissue bodywork, somatic dialogue, and movement education are three aspects.

How does each aspect work?

Deep Connective Tissue Bodywork

Release the tension that currently exists in your connective tissue, and return your body systematically to an aligned position. This aspect of Hellerwork is a “hands-on” process in which Practitioners work with their hands to release tension in the fascia to stretch it back into its normal and more functionally optimal position. Releasing chronic tension allows the body to feel free and rested, producing what might be an uncommon – yet normal – state of well-being.

Movement Education

Become profoundly aware of your body and movement patterns, and as a result, discover easier and fuller ways of moving. The use of your body in common daily life activities – sitting, standing, walking, and reaching – will be addressed along with movement patterns in your favorite sports, hobbies, and other activities.

Self Awareness Dialogue

Become aware and more responsible for how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs relate to the posture and overall health of your body. Learn how an attitude shift can expand your body’s health and your self-expression.

​What is Fascia?

Hellerwork Structural Integration specifically addresses the fascial system; Fascia is the body’s connective tissue, an interwoven system that provides a framework for our bones, muscles, organs, and blood vessels.

Fascia forms to function, so every movement you make affects how your framework is built it is also protective by nature; therefore, if you have an old injury that did not heal properly, your entire framework is affected by this compensation. Addressing this unique and complex system allows a “re-structuring” of this framework to improve overall physical alignment. This hands-on approach to your fascia allows the fascia to change and be “re-molded” to an optimal state. Clients notice less tension, increased energy, more fluidity and ease of movement, improved flexibility, increased energy, and overall improvement of well-being!


UCHA admits only persons with a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) or a Home-school Diploma. Proof of the original Home School State approval letter must be provided with the Diploma or Transcript.

There is an age limit beyond the compulsory school age, which is 16 years old. The student must be 19 to secure licensure in Nebraska.  Additional criteria or exceptions are considered: see our catalog.  Specific to the Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner Program, ONLY the Student:
A.) Must be 21 years of age
or older. (and have life experiences that enhance emotional and physical maturity).
B.) Complete, as a client, at least 3.
C.) Complete the full Hellerwork SI Series by the beginning of the second intensive.
(Consult a Hellerwork Admissions Team Member if no Hellerwork SI Practitioner is available).


• Principles of Structural Bodywork
• Techniques of Structural Bodywork
• Hellerwork Practicum.

The Numbers


1025 clock-hour curriculum covering the seven components of Hellerwork Structural Integration.

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Schedule   2022-2024

1st Semester Starts

March 09,2023

Intensive 1 Ends

24 March 2023

1st Semester Ends

09 July 2023

Intensive 2 Day Off

19 July 2023


10 September 2023

Intensive 3 Day Off

10 November 2023


23-24 November 2023


21 January 2024

Intensive 4 Ends

20  March 2024


24 May 2024

Intensive 5 Starts

11-25 July 2024

Intensive 1 Starts

09-24 March 2023


29 May 2023

2nd Semester Starts

12 July 2023

Intensive 2 Ends

26 July 2023

2nd Semester Ends

09 November 2023

3rd Semester Starts

10 November 2023

Holiday Break

23 December-01 January 2024

Intensive 4 Starts

03-20 March 2024

3rd Semester Ends

20 March 2024


25-27 May 2024

Intensive 5 Day Off

118 July 2024

 Intensive 1 Day Off

16 March 2023


03-04 July 2023

Intensive 2 Starts

12 July 2023


02-04 September 2023

Intensive 3 Starts

03-18 November 2023

Intensive 3 Ends

18 November 2023


15 January 2024

Intensive 4 Day Off

10 March 2024

4th Semester Starts

25 March 2024


03-04 July 2024


25 July 2024