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What Alumni Have to Say About UCHA

Patrick Davis, MA, LMBT

I’ve been in the profession for 25 years now. When I moved to Omaha I checked out three massage therapy schools and KNEW I found the right teacher when I met Paulette. Her vision to bring back the heart of how we all learn the art and science of massage in a supportive environment is where I was able to thrive as both a student and then as one of her teachers.

UCHA has been a pioneer in making massage education more accessible by offering on-line access to courses in addition to engaging weekend intensives.

For me massage therapy has fulfilled my desire to have dual-career. Over the years I’ve been able to supplement by other work by doing corporate massage, massage with hospice patients and I now teach massage for a local community college here in Asheville, North Carolina.

With each year and change in my practice, I see what a wonderful foundation I received from Paulette.

I’m grateful to have begun with the first group who studied with Paulette at UCHA and to be affiliated with a program that continues to graduate some of the best in our profession.

One practical thing. Since I’ve moved to three different States over the years, the courses at UCHA met the requirement in EACH location. This program was a wise investment of my time and money!

Thank you UCHA and don’t hesitate to JOIN this program!

Hi My name is Rebecca Wingebach and and I am a Universal College of Healing Arts alumni. The education I received at UCHA was second to none and prepared me to pass the MBLEx on the first try; plus it gave me the confidence to start my own independent practice immediately. I have been working for over five years now as a LMT and not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on and draw from the wisdom that was passed to me from the teachers at UCHA.


Through out my experience in massage school, I felt supported and encouraged. The curriculum has a strong focus on ethics and business as well as the academics of the body and a great foundation in actual bodywork. This gives graduates a huge advantage when beginning a practice, because nearly every situation and possible scenario one could encounter in the massage world has already been thought through.


But, perhaps the most valuable of all are the friendships and contacts made through massage school. UCHA is a beacon attracting huge-hearted, intelligent, learners who feel called to ease the suffering of the world. The administrators cultivate an environment of inclusivity, diversity, and respect that fosters incredible learning and connection. I am so grateful to UCHA for helping me reach my full potential as a massage therapist.

My name is Nora Lee Zoob, B.A.L.M.T.H.B. I am proud to be a licensed massage therapist for 21 years. 
I am blessed and grateful for those who have chosen me to be apart of their wellness program. 
From New York City to Omaha for Love. I married into a family woman's clothing business in Omaha and Lincoln. I loved dressing women. And what pleased me the most was when she got a compliment. 
The Omaha community was very good to me. It was a fruitful business that I loved. My mote then was, "Woman who Look good Feel Good." 
Fast forward 22 years. I decided I wanted to see if I could be good at another career. I always wanted to be a nurse but my fifth-grade science teacher told me I wasn't smart enough. I applied and was denied by several nursing schools. I did hear one admissions counselor mention, "why don't you go to massage therapy school, if you still want to be a nurse, all of your sciences could be transferred towards your degree." I then interviewed with all the massage therapy schools in Omaha.
I chose Universal College for Healings Arts for several reasons. 
It was a good fit. It FELT right. For one year I heard this phrase," TRUST THE PROCESS". UCHA provided me a professional approach to skills and credentials to practice massage therapy. 
UCHA gave me the standards to protect myself and the integrity of this profession. 
UCHA gave me an education in Anatomy, Physiology, Hydrotherapy, Chinese Medicine, and more. 
UCHA gave me a clear definition of my vision and my mission. 
UCHA helped me EVOLVE 
UCHA exposed me to martial arts, tai-chi, chi-gong, meditation, and yoga. 
UCHA taught me how to see through someone else's lens. 
I surrounded myself over the years with the Best of the Best People. 
Paulette, Patrick Davis, Paula Cellar, Regina, Sally, Sandy Aquilla, Susie Gillespie, Dr. Jay Parsow, Nebraska Medicine, Lifestyle Enhancement Center, And Quality Living. 
Although I was struggling the third trimester, it all started to come together." Yes", I said, it started to come together and I still heard" TRUST THE PROCESS. I studied, learned, and practiced massage work with new people. 
My new mote is" Feeling Good is Looking Good." 
Until recently, I have passionately practiced massage therapy. I have clients who have taught me, "it's better to give than to get." They taught me to feel with my hands and my heart. In addition. I have been invited to speak to medical administrators of hospitals and first and second-year medical students. Massage therapy has given me a new awareness of spirit, to the connection of mind and body, to be in the moment, to live in the moment, and to take a deep breath. 
Trust Yourself. And of course, YOU WILL TRUST THE PROCESS.

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