Students can continue with Semesters 4 and 5 for the Associate of Applied Science Degree.   The Associate Degree would take an additional 2 Semesters, which would be an additional eight months.  This additional course work would be 495 clock hours. These hours are offered entirely online.
These semesters would be available to start at any semester start date: January, May, or September.

To support the successful completion of this training, that is, all five semesters, it is advised that in addition to the 1495 required course clock hours, the student may need up to 485 hours of independent study to read, memorize, and research. 
Students  should plan accordingly when arranging their personal
and work schedules.

The Semesters are as follows:

The EMERSION Semester (Fourth Semester of the Degree Program) safely navigates the student with further development in a lifelong plan in nutritional sciences to stay updated as an educational resource for themselves and their client. 
Students will create a balanced living and perfect the practice of effective communication.
They will also expand into a more in-depth knowledge and application of best business practices. 
Courses in this Semester are :

  • Communications  

  • Healthy Nutrition

  • Intro to Business Law

  • Intro to Marketing

The MASTERY Semester (Fifth Semester of the Degree Program) brings the student through values clarification, human relationships, self-accountability, and ethical dilemmas. There is a continued emphasis on business mastery.
Courses this semester is:

  • Ethics

  • Intro to Psychology

  • Intro to Bookkeeping

  • Intro to Social Media Marketing

These last two semesters towards the Associate Degree are all 495 online hours.