2020 - 2021

Additional UCHA Policies

  • UCHA is a non-smoking campus. Students will be encouraged to address a non-smoking life. No student is to be smoking within a one-block radius of the school building, or within the interior of any school buildings. Students must refrain from smoking prior to arrival for any on-site activity or intern/externship appointment to avoid evidence of cigarette smoke on themselves. Students are to refrain from using any perfumes during any on-site or intern/externship activities. 

  • Student attire is to be modest during class activity, and professional and modest during intern/externships.

  • Client confidentiality must be upheld outside the clinic setting by the student. All students must refrain from personal relationships with clients. No student is to give their personal information to any client. Students must follow all laws related to professional conduct defined by the State of Nebraska Regulations 172 NAC 81.

  • Hand care and appropriate nail length must be maintained by the student. Students must be committed to their own wellness in order to perform successfully in their bodywork.

  • No new piercings or tattoos will be obtained by an enrolled student. Students may be accepted with either, but just not receive any new piercings or tattoos during their enrollment at UCHA. This is due not only to the risk of hepatitis but the inability to receive bodywork during the healing process.

  • All Intern/externship policies must be followed. More specific procedures and policies will be given to the student at the onset of their clinical intern/externship.

  • Proper representation of self must be maintained during the student’s presence on the Internet or in their personal life. 

  • Students must demonstrate good moral character in all areas of their life. UCHA Students must abide by the Universal College of Healing Arts Social Media Policy for Students.  Students will demonstrate respect to their cohorts, staff, faculty, guest speakers, and clients. Under no circumstances will any form of harassment, whether sexual, verbal, or physical, be acceptable or tolerated. UCHA students must abide by the Universal College of Healing Arts Sexual Assault Policy.

  • Falsifying any representation of self, either on the UCHA application for admissions, or plagiarism of any classroom work, can result in termination from the UCHA program or an ‘F’ in an individual course.

  • Non-adherence to any UCHA policy or regulation may place the student subject to probation or termination from the UCHA program, this all under the discretion of the UCHA President.

  • The College has some policies in more detail within its Right to Know Catalog which can be found in the UCHA library. These same policies are within each semester orientation packet. The student writes that they have reviewed all the policies and are provided an avenue to ask or clarify any policy information. Additional policies or regulations may be added to an individual course syllabus. 

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