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Academic Policies & Procedures 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools, commonly known as ABHES, requires an institution accredited by it to develop and enforce a policy for standards of satisfactory progress. In addition, the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended to date, mandates minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress for students receiving financial aid. All semesters of college course work must be considered, regardless of whether or not the student received aid each semester. The standards for determining satisfactory academic progress at the Universal College of Healing Arts (UCHA) are applied in the following area: 


Interpretation and Enforcement:

The President of UCHA will have the primary responsibility for the interpretation and enforcement of this policy. Unusual issues related to this policy may be directed to the President for consultation. 


Grade Point Average:

  • A student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) is the qualitative measurement used for his academic work at the college. A 2.0 average equals a “C” grade average. To stay in the UCHA program, students need to maintain a minimum of 70% per individual class and a cumulative grade average of 75% (GPA 2.5) in order to graduate and receive a diploma. The following grading scale at UCHA will adhere to:

  • A 90-100% =4.00

  • B 80-89%=3.00

  • C 70-79%= 2.00

  • D 60-69%=1.00 

  • F 0-59%.=0.00

  • P  Pass 70-100% (Does not affect GPA )

  • IP Work in progress; final grade to be assigned upon completion of a full sequence of a course.

The following will not be considered as credit completed: 

  • D 60 - 69%= 1.00

  • F Failing 0-58%=0.00

  • W Withdraw

  • I Incomplete

For full SAP Policy, please refer to the Need to Know Handbook located at UCHA and under Policies in the UCHA Semester Orientations. 

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