2020 - 2021

Blended Academic Classes 

Onsite + Online

The Universal College of Healing Arts offers an accessible medium to knowledge — interactive blended classes. Academic portions of the massage therapy program are offered in an interactive classroom online. All hands-on learning and additional academic portions are achieved through on-site intensive weekends. UCHA meets the common challenge an adult faces towards furthering their education and still focuses on key ways adults learn. Just like classes held at the facility, our online sections allow time for self-direction, inquiry, critical thinking, collaboration, reflection, and dialogue. UCHA brings lessons to the home front. This allows for flexibility in that you can show up for online components at any time of the day or night.


All hands-on portions of the diploma classes are offered at the UCHA facility through special onsite intensive weekends. There is a total of 18 intensive weekends in the Massage program. There are five 16 day intensives (one day off in the middle) with the Hellerwork Program. The class size is small with no more than 16 in massage and 22 for Hellerwork. This allows quality interaction and individual attention both online and in the weekend intensives. The first on-site intensive will focus on ‘how do adults learn’. It will provide opportunities for collaboration, inquiry, and reflection.


Intensive weekends create new bonds and relationships for learning and assist in computer utilization for online learning. Here the learner is introduced to the Theory and Practice of Massage Therapy/or to Hellerwork Structural Integration. UCHA's goal is to reflect the spirit of Danish Folk schools where students are immersed in a learning/living environment that enables them to get to know each other quickly while eating, working, and spending time together. UCHA's goal is to reflect the spirit of Danish Folk schools.


Instruction is provided on a web-based platform providing conferencing, personal messaging, document sharing, scheduling, and link/resource sharing in a variety of learning environments. Therefore, massage therapy students would spend a minimum of 20 to 30 hours per week both in the classroom and out of classroom work, for Hellerwork Students, the amount of time would be 15 to 20 hours per week. This would include the inter-active classroom online, study, and on-site participation. Massage Therapy Learners will also be offered the flexibility of obtaining clinical hours through an externship in their own community, or in the UCHA student clinic, or both are included in these 20-30 hours.


Students will need a basic computer system that they need to take our online course, and it doesn’t need to be fancy. The following are the essential tools that every online student should have. Not all of these items are equally important, but if the student wants to make the most of their online experience, they should have each of these items in their toolkit.

1. A Good, Reliable Computer: We highly suggest that you have a laptop with a 2GHz processor, or faster. This refers to the speed at which the internal processor/s can operate. Anything less than 2GHz and your computer just can’t compute fast enough to keep up, and 4GB RAM, or greater, Random Access Memory (RAM) refers to the working memory of your computer. Anything less than four gigabytes (GB) and your computer won’t be able to operate the programs needed for some courses.

2. High-speed Internet connection: 1.5 Mbps: The “online” part of online college requires you to have a reliable Internet connection that’s fast enough to handle basic downloads, updates, and general needs — 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps) isn’t very fast. Most Internet companies start at two Mbps and go up from there.

3. Mouse: We also recommend a mouse. which is a lot easier on the wrists. Most keyboards have a track-pad that can do everything a mouse can do, but a mouse is a bit easier to use, faster, and more comfortable than comparable devices.

4. Microphone: Most laptops have all these features pre-installed.

5. Web-camera: Many of our classes require video lectures that students submit.

6. Browsers: The learning management system UCHA uses works best on the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers.

7. Brand of computer: We suggest using Chromebook, we use them at the college and found them very reliable and simple to use. Chromebook’s are available at the college, during regular business hours.

8. Software: No software is required for courses. 

The student must have a basic understanding of the following skills:

1. Microsoft Word, Google Docs

2. Copy and Paste

3. Upload and Download documents

4. Search bar navigation

5. Email communication

6. PowerPoint

7. Spell check

8. Word count

9. Internet research


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